About Us

Sam Sentz – Owner and Lead Instructor

A former law enforcement officer with a police agency in Northern Virginia with over 300 officers.  Sam spent the beginning of his career in patrol as a Senior Field Training Officer.  Sam transferred to a plain clothes unit but quickly realized he missed training.  He prioritized building his Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) instructor certifications: Firearms, Simunitions, Defensive Tactics, Trauma Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and Active Violence and became a member of the Tactical Training Unit (TTU).  TTU is responsible for creating and administering all specialty training to the entire department with an emphasis on firearms, defensive tactics, and response to acts of violence. 

Sam ended his career in law enforcement after 12 years and responded to a calling to serve his church and the community within.  His passion for training and empowering individuals with the tools to be successful led Sam to start Triple Precision Training LLC. 

Sam is fueled by the loving support from his wife, Angie, and two kids, Liam and Aubrey.