We offer customized training programs built specifically for your goals and interests based on your skill level.

begin your training journey...

Step 1 – Complete Skill Assessment (LEO exempt).

All new customers must complete an in-home skill assessment prior to taking additional training. During the skill assessment, we will discuss your goals for the training, knowledge and skills. We will design a training plan to suit your needs. The Skills Assessment takes 1-1.5 hours to complete at a cost of $50. Returning customers and Law Enforcement can skip this requirement. 

Step 2 – Select one or more Class Offerings.

Review the list of Class Offerings below and select your desired concentration.  

Step 3 – Select a Training Package.

Select from our collection of In-Home or Range training packages for the Class Offerings from Step 2. 

     NOTE: It is encouraged to start with an In-Home or a combination of the packages for new shooters.

Step 4 – Schedule Training.

Class Offerings

General Knowledge – New to guns? Everything you need to know to get started.

EDC – Every day carry concepts turned into everyday practice.

Home Defense – Family protection and weapon safety.

2A Women – Safety and security training tailored for women.

CCW Prep – Responsible concealed carry made easy.

RDS Ready – Transitioning from iron sights to optic ready.

Duty Performance – (LEO Only) Practice as you play. Invest in your career with guided range time.

Long Gun – Rifle or shotgun. Tactical operations to keep you in the fight.

Training Packages

Package prices are based on individual training plans. Small group classes are available for In-Home Packages only. Group pricing will be determined on the number of students.

In-Home Training Packages

In-home training sessions consist of a personalized hour and a half of one-on-one training.  Each session is conducted in the comfort of your home.  We will use DryFire Mags, inert dummy ammo, and simulation training guns to build technique and confidence before live fire training at the range. 

Package H1 – Two 90 -minute in-home training sessions $180.00 

Package H2 – Four 90-minute in-home training sessions $330.00

Range Training Packages

Range training is conducted at a local range in Ashburn. Range fees ($15/person/visit) are included in the package price.  Each session is broken down as follows: one hour on the range with prescribed skill drills, thirty minutes of instruction off the firing line. Personal protective equipment can be provided upon request.  Ammunition can be provided at an additional cost per training.

Package R1 – Three 90-minute range training sessions $315.00

Package R2 – Five 90-minute range training sessions $485.00

Package R3 – Eight 90-minute range training sessions $720.00

If you do not own a gun yet, a training gun will be provided based off your desired training needs.  A larger selection of gun rentals are available at the range and will be at the customer’s cost.

*There is a 15% discount to all students who consider Cornerstone Chapel their home church.

Schedule Training

After your selections are made, use our contact form to send us your contact information and training selections. We will contact you to get your training dates scheduled. Training sessions must be scheduled in advance. Payment must be completed upon scheduling. Cancellations less than 24 hours before a scheduled training forfeit that session.